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Our producers are committed to doing their best in supplying foods and other products for you.

Each grower must produce the product or main portion of the product he/she sells and is also responsible to be transparent on this site about his or her growing practices, methods, etc.

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Producer Primary CategoryLocationProduction Methods
Chilehead's Original SalsaSalsa and DipsDexter, MissouriCONV
Green's GardenBakeryPatton Junction, MissouriNO CHEM
Home Gardens CommunityVegetablesKnob Lick, MissouriCONV
Lick Creek Pork & BeefPork and BeefLick Creek, IllinoisNO CHEM, GRASS-FED
Manoor ManorEggsMarquand, MissouriNO CHEM
McKaskle FarmsGrains and Milled ProductsBraggadocio, Missouri
Riverbend HoneyHoneyCape Girardeau, MissouriCONV
Sandy Bottom FarmsVegetablesBenton, MissouriBIO
Sullivan FarmsMeatFarmington, MissouriNO CHEM, GRASS-FED

The site requires an overall designation of different organic certifications (with each certifier’s seal), organic with no certification (NO CHEM), biological [using no chemical herbicides/pesticides, but using chemical fertilizers] (BIO) or conventional (CONV) for growers to disclose.  However, this is a general categorization only and specific information should be gathered from the producer whose products you want to buy.  Local farmers and artisans seldom fit neatly into general categorizations!

Find out more and Connect

Ask the producer!  Producers in general love to talk about how their products are produced. By looking at their product descriptions and profile page, you can get some solid information about how their products are produced.  More information can be found on their websites, blogs, and social media pages. Failure by producers to be truthful about growing practices or for their product to not be produced locally is cause for expulsion from the market.

Neighbors you know and trust

Cape Locally Grown is committed to bring local growers to local customers to form relationships directly with the grower, yet having the ease of one point of sale, one online shopping cart…then delivered to a drop-off point or delivered to the home. The customers pays Cape Locally Grown one aggregated payment, then Cape Locally Grown pays each grower.