Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Customers of Cape Locally Grown

Cape Locally Grown (CLG) is a group of local producers working together to bring local farm products to you the customer. In many ways CLG is just like a physical farmers’ market:

Producers set their own prices and list their own goods. We realize the quality and presentation of the products will vary among our producers. We encourage you to give different producers a try and get to know them and their production methods by reading their information pages on the CLG website. We allow producers with many different methods to participate in CLG. 

The same variety may be grown by several farms, with each listed separately on the website. Similar to a physical farmers’ market, you can order your produce from specific farms, but we will not be able to substitute from a different farmer for you if the one you select falls short.

Producers will strive to provide great quality, safe products delivered to CLG at the scheduled time each week. The quantities of each product listed are estimates given by the producer. While they are generally fairly accurate, conditions such as weather, pests, and disease can greatly change the available quantities, even in a day or two. Since orders are filled in the order they are placed, if the supply runs short, later orders may not be filled.

Farmers update their offerings on the website with their availability for each week, and an email is sent out on Thursday morning reminding customers to place their orders. Orders are accepted when the market is “open” (by Thursday or earlier) until Monday at 8 p.m. A 10% fee is added to the total of each purchase, to help cover the handling and delivery expenses of the market. 

Pick up time is strictly from 4:30-5:30 pm each Wednesday. Payment is expected at time of pick up, unless you have previously paid online. We accept cash, or checks made out to Cape Locally Grown (CLG), or you can prepay by credit card or PayPal. (Details available on the site.) If these pickup times are inconvenient for you, we will be glad to schedule a Wednesday home delivery for an additional $5.00 charge, in Cape Girardeau or Jackson. Please order delivery by selecting the pickup location at checkout.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee covers items purchased that week.  Complaints need to be filed no later than the following order period.  If the product fails to meet your expectations, by not being of good quality, we apologize in advance and will happily refund your money; but since we are small farmers and not global conglomerates we ask for understanding and patience in these matters.  Returned products stop at our own doorstep and we must eat the loss.  Continued loss obviously means we will be out of business.  We will do our best to provide the best.  We ask that you work with us in that process.

Compliance with all Health Department and Department of Agriculture guidelines, laws and restrictions is the responsibility of each producer. Cape Locally Grown is not liable for products sold, producer legal responsibilities, nor is responsible for the liability for any injury or loss that occurs while on the pick-up location property.